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Make a leaseholder claim on buildings insurance

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Make a leaseholder claim on buildings insurance

We arrange insurance cover for the buildings we own on Camden’s housing estates. You need to arrange insurance cover for your contents. 

Our buildings insurance covers the structure of your property and communal areas. It includes accidental damage such as:

  • fire
  • storm damage
  • flooding
  • Subsidence
View the insurance policy (PDF) and summary of cover (PDF).

If we do not own your building, the freeholder will arrange the insurance. Email for more information.

How to claim

Incidents of theft or vandalism

If you are the victim of theft or vandalism, tell the police within 24 hours of discovery. Ask for an incident or crime report number. If your contents have been damaged, tell your contents insurer as soon as you can

Damage to your building or communal areas

If the structure of your building or communal areas are affected, tell the insurer within 90 days of the incident occurring.

Contact one of the following numbers:

  • Monday to Friday, between 9am to 5pm phone NIG 0800 051 0233.
  • Outside normal office hours, phone the loss adjuster Woodgate and Clark on 01732 520270

Confirm you are a leaseholder of the London Borough of Camden and that cover is through Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited.

Damage caused by communal services or pipes

If you believe damage to your property or possessions has been caused by communal services or pipes, email our Insurance Team to claim on the council’s public liability insurance.

There is no automatic right to compensation and we will only pay claims where there is evidence of negligence or a breach of statutory duty by us or our employees. The circumstances of all claims are fully investigated.

What you will pay

The policy excess for buildings insurance is the first £500 of every claim. An ‘excess’ is the amount of money that you must pay towards a claim. It is paid to the insurer.

For claims relating to subsidence where land movement causes damage to the building, the excess increases to £1,000. The excess applies per property.

When you are not covered

If the leasehold property is unoccupied for more than 35 continuous days, there is no cover if loss or damage occurs by:

  • escape of water or oil
  • malicious damage
  • theft or attempted theft
  • accident