On 14 November 2022 Camden Council unveiled ‘Boris Nemtsov Place’, named after murdered Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. He was Deputy Prime Minister of Russia under Boris Yeltsin, who later led the opposition and openly criticised Vladimir Putin’s government.  

Boris Nemtsov helped educate and inform the public in Russia about government corruption and the abuses carried out by Putin’s regime. He organised pro-democracy rallies in Moscow and advocated for sanctions against Kremlin officials complicit in human rights violations. He also took a stand against Russian military aggression in Ukraine. 

Tragically, having become a prominent and effective voice of opposition, he was assassinated near the Kremlin in Moscow on February 27, 2015. 

Camden is the first place in the UK to name an area after Boris Nemtsov, following Washington DC, Vilnius, Kyiv, Bratislava, Sofia and Prague who have taken this step. Russian authorities have prevented the establishment of an official memorial to Nemtsov, so his friends and supporters have turned to nations around the world to help commemorate his life and legacy. 

You can visit Boris Nemtsov place in Camden at the junction of Highgate Road, West Hill and Swains Lane. 

“Boris Nemtsov’s life and death are invaluable reminder of the constant need to fight for democracy, liberty and rule of law, and stark warning not to take them for granted. This tribute honours Boris Nemtsov and all those following his legacy who continue to put their lives at risk for democracy and freedom.” Councillor Georgia Gould, Lead of Camden Council