We are carrying out a range of works at Bacton Tower to include:  

  • Fire safety works: ongoing 
  • Structural Monitoring: ongoing 
  • Door entry works: complete 
  • Heating Works: complete 
  • Flat entrance door replacements: complete 

Fire safety works 

Fire safety works dates to be confirmed 

Who to contact 

Email: suket.patel@camden.gov.uk  

Phone 020 7974 2328 

What to expect 

Communal doors and screens in the shared area by the lifts will be replaced. We will share more details with you soon. 

We need to make sure there is enough compartmentation and fire stopping in the building. This is to stop fire, flames, and smoke spreading from one part of the building to another. We are organising surveys to see exactly what work we need to do.  

What's next 

We will be in touch with more information on these works soon. 

Structural Monitoring in the lobby area 

Structural monitoring is ongoing. 

We are continuing to monitor the crack in the lobby area which has been caused by tree roots. Our investigation has shown that the crack is not causing any immediate harm or risk.  

We will continue to the monitor this and will provide an update soon. 

Door Entry Works 

Door entry works are now complete 

Who to contact 

Email: shamsul.alam@camden.gov.uk  

Phone: 0207 974 3349 

Heating works 

Heating works are now complete 

Who to contact 

Email: Mohamed.Hashi@camden.gov.uk 

Flat Entrance Door replacements 

Flat entrance door works are now complete 

Who to contact 

Email: suket.patel@camden.gov.uk 

Phone: 020 7974 2328