Join a Better Leisure centre in Camden

Leisure Centres in Camden

Better Leisure (GLL) have five leisure centres in Camden:

Better Leisure provide an inclusive offer for all across Camden and around London.
Get access to a full range of facilties and a range of activities available at all five centres in Camden.

Activities and Facilities such as:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Swimming classes
  • Fitness classes
  • Gym
  • Junior Gym
  • Women Only sessions
  • Disability Inclusive Activities 
  • Gymnastics
  • Football Outdoor Pitches
  • Studio & Sports Hall space
  • Multi-sport activities
  • Kids Soft Play Areas
  • Spa Experience
  • Children activities
  • Senior activities 

For more information about leisure centre activities and opening times, please view Camden Better Leisure

Better Leisure Centre Pay and Play Membership

A great way to reduce costs to being active in Camden leisure centres is to get a pay and play annual membership. For Camden residents an annual concessionary membership costs £2.90 for children and £5.50 for adults, a standard membership costs £5.35 for children and £40.55 for adults. 

For more information about concessionary and other memberships please visit: Better Leisure Camden memberships or email

GLL Athlete Support Programme 2023

The Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) Sports Foundation Award 2023 

The UK’s largest independent athlete support programme opens its annual award programme for new applications until 20 February 2023.

Talented athletes from across 65 areas across the UK are invited to apply for a range of support awards which include financial support, access to sport facilities, physiotherapy, lifestyle mentoring and mental health support. 

What to know

  • The innovative scheme is provided by charitable social enterprise GLL and expects to award £1.2m worth of help in 2023 for successful applicants.
  • All successful applicants will be given access to the 250 sport and leisure facilities across the UK operated by GLL under its “Better” trading brand.
  • Receive the follow support package awards in aid of your athletic development; financial support, access to sport facilities, physiotherapy, lifestyle mentoring and mental health support.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than Monday 20 February 2023.

How to apply

To apply for the athlete support award package visit the GLL website

GLL Sport Foundation 15th Year Anniversary 

The GLL Sport Foundation celebrates its 15th year. The national largest independent athlete award programme has so far contributed over £13m to help over 24,000 athletes on their sporting journey. 

For further information about the GLL Athlete Support Program visit The GLL Sport Foundation Press Release or email