How the Annual Canvass has changed

Our Annual Canvass of Electors will start around 21 August 2021.

Under new Canvass Reform legislation we are now able to contact electors by email. This is as well as the normal paper forms in the post and personal canvassing methods.

How will this affect you

  • you will receive a new style canvass form by Royal Mail post. This may or may not require a response.
  • you should follow the instructions on whether you need to respond or not on your email or form. You should do this preferably by online response or using the Freephone number.
  • if you are not able to do this online or by the freephone number, you can still post back your completed form.
  • you may receive a reminder Canvass Form by email from, if we have an email address for you.

These new methods have been introduced by the Government to save councils money in printing and postage and to update the Canvass process.

There is still a legislative duty for anyone not responding to the Canvass as instructed to receive a personal visit from a Canvasser in October or November.

Please respond as soon as you receive your email or form to help avoid the number of personal visits our canvassers will have to make.