This contract exists to define the terms and conditions of the loan, including the loan period and the responsibilities of the User and London Borough of Camden during the period of loan.

Loan period 

1. The period of loan is 4 weeks from the date of this loan agreement.  

User responsibilities  

2. Liability. London Borough of Camden accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from any act or default on your part, and against claims of injury to any third party or yourself.  

3. Security. The User accepts responsibility for the safe keeping and security of the monitor during the period of the loan. The User will ensure that the monitor is located on their person at all times or securely within their homes. Any loss of the monitor or accessories provided as part of the Loan must be reported to London Borough of Camden as soon as practicable. 

4. Safety. The User accepts responsibility for using the monitor in a safe and sensible manner.  The User undertakes to use the monitor for the purpose for which it was designed and not for any other purpose. 

5. Monitor Condition. The user accepts responsibility for maintaining the monitor in a safe, clean and useable condition. The User accepts that they will be responsible for any loss or damage caused as consequence of negligence or misuse. Any issues or problems with the Monitor must be reported to London Borough of Camden as soon as practicable.  

6. Usage. The idea of the Loan scheme is to provide users with real time information about the air they breathe in their homes or when travelling around the borough. The User undertakes to make use of the Monitor throughout the loan period. The Monitor may not be used for hire or reward, competition, or in an environment for which it is not designed.  

7. Progress Reporting. As a condition of the Loan the User agrees to report their usage of the Monitor and their experiences by completion of a preliminary and secondary questionnaire.  

8. Commencement and Termination. At the commencement of the Loan agreement the User accepts to attend in-person, where they will be issued a Monitor and related accessories, together with advice on use of the Monitor during the loan period. The User also accepts to return the Monitor and related accessories in-person at the agreed date, time and location. If a User wishes to terminate the Loan early they can do so by contacting London Borough of Camden and arranging return of the Monitor. 

9. Your details will be used to communicate with you as set out in the privacy notice 

10. Ownership. The Monitor and any accessories provided remain the property of London Borough of Camden and are loaned exclusively to the User defined in this agreement only.  

London Borough of Camden’s responsibility  

11. Liability. London Borough of Camden accepts no responsibility for injury or loss sustained by the User whilst in possession or use of the loan Monitor and accessories however caused.  

12. Supply of the Monitor. London Borough of Camden will undertake to supply a Monitor free of charge for the duration of the Loan period. All Monitors will come with an adapter plug and all indoor monitors will come with a mobile router.  

13. Condition. The Loan Monitor will have been safety checked prior to the issue to the User. The Hirer will be responsible for reporting any faults with the Monitor encountered during the loan period.  Depending on availability a replacement Monitor may be provided.  

14. Loss of Monitor or Accessories. Upon notification by the User of a Loss, London Borough of Camden will endeavour to supply a replacement depending on availability. The Hirer reserves the right not to replace lost items if they deem reasonable care has not been taken by the User which could have prevented the loss.  

15. Communication. London Borough of Camden will provide a phone number and email address as points of contact during the period of loan. Using the phone line may involve leaving a voice message and awaiting a return call.  

16. To see how we use your data please see the privacy notice or visit