The Government have provided guidance for sponsors, including eligibility criteria, how to apply and advice. 

If you have registered as a sponsor, been matched with a refugee and have applied for a visa under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, below is a step by step guide to what happens next.

Please note – these steps do not apply for Ukrainians arriving via the family visa route.

Step 1: Visa application made

Camden will be notified of your application by the Government. If you do not hear from us and your guests are arriving soon, call 020 7974 4444, option 9 and we will arrange for someone to call you back to complete step 2.

We will prioritise contacting those sponsors whose guests are arriving first.

Step 2: First contact call

We will phone the lead sponsor to gather key information about the sponsor household, the property and the guests that will be arriving, including an estimated arrival date. You will be asked a series of questions and will need to provide:

  • The details of your household and in particular anyone over the age 16. This because anyone over the age of 16 will need a separate Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS – see below) check. You will not be charged for these checks. Each adult will need to provide a separate email address.
  • The space and facilities you are offering to the guests
  • Your bank details for the £350 monthly payment
  • Details on the guests – names, ages, gender, any specific needs, language needs
  • Estimated arrival date. 
  • Your consent for further safeguarding checks to be undertaken
  • Availability for housing suitability check and welfare visits (see below). If your guests have already arrived or are arriving imminently, we will try to set these visits up for the same time.
  • You will be asked to send to send us copies of your and your guest’s ID documents

Step 3: DBS process starts

Everyone in your household over the age of 16+1 day will need a new DBS check. We cannot accept any existing DBS certificates you may have as the DBS must be linked to Camden Council and include reference to your hosting arrangement.

If your guests include children under 18, or vulnerable adults due to age, illness or disability, each person will need an enhanced DBS check. This will look at the children’s barred list. This does not apply if the child guest is a family member of the host sponsor. A standard DBS would still be required however.

For each person over 16 you will need to provide a separate email address. Each person will receive a personal activation email from online disclosures with a pin number to complete their DBS online.

Once you have completed the online application process, you will need to email us at to arrange for each person to bring their supporting ID documents into our offices for sign off.

Step 4: Additional checks undertaken

Camden will undertake network checks and other checks on our systems. This will confirm that there are no known concerns about the safety of the placement

Step 5: Housing suitability visit

In the first call, we will arrange a time for a council employee to visit the property to ensure it is safe and fit for purpose for the number and needs of your guests.  We will try to complete this before your guests arrive, but if that is not possible it will be soon after.

If improvements are needed, these will be explained and you will need to confirm these actions have been completed before the placement will be considered a pass.

See the Government’s FAQs but some things to think about are:

  • smoke and carbon dioxide alarms and other key hazards including gas safety
  • space for size of household
  • access to lockable bathrooms and kitchens, including food storage
  • how they can live as independently as possible including keys and access
  • heating and hot water
  • providing basics such as towels and bedding
  • Internet access

Step 6: Confirmation of arrival

Tell us when you know your guest is arriving so we can arrange the next steps. You can email or call 020 7974 4444 option 9. If you have not contacted us, we will call you for an update.  

Step 7: £200 emergency payment card

We will arrange for a pre-payment card to be created for your guests. This will be £200 per person and can be used to withdraw money from an ATM, or for contactless payments. This will be brought to the guest on the welfare visit

Step 8: Welfare visit

A council officer will visit the property to complete an immediate needs assessment and talk to you and your guests about any immediate steps and any questions including:

  • setting up a bank account
  • making a universal credit claim
  • registering with a GP
  • school places
  • wider information and sources of help including a Camden specific welcome pack

The visit will be led by the Family Early Help team where Ukrainian children are being hosted, and by Housing Floating Support where Ukrainian single adults or couples without children are being hosted. We will try to arrange this within 72 hours of arrival subject to availability. Both the sponsor and your guest(s) will need to be present although we may speak to you all separately to maintain confidentiality.

  • The £200 per person interim payment card will be given to your guest at the initial welfare visit. 
  • Your guest can also be given a letter as a proof of address that can be used to open a bank account if required
  • If further support is needed, follow up visits will be arranged

Step 9: DBS certificate received

You should email to arrange to bring your certificate and three ID documents to us for checking.  

Step 10: Confirmation of placement

Once the DBS checks, other checks and the 2 visits are completed, a qualified social worker will look at the results and decide if the placement should continue.  

If approved, the £350 a month payment will be set up and will be paid each month in arrears into your bank account whilst the placement continues

If the placement fails any of the checks, we will make contact with you and the guests urgently to discuss alternative arrangements.

Step 11: Problems during the hosting arrangement

If you or your guests are struggling and the placement is at risk of breaking down, please contact us on 020 7947 4444, option 9 so we can help.