Each year, every Director of Public Health publishes an independent annual report focusing on a particular health and wellbeing issue affecting local communities.
The annual public health report is an assessment of health and wellbeing for local population groups. It provides detailed data for council departments and partners, and is a baseline of population health that can be used to track progress.
This year our public health report, launched in November 2023, focuses on adolescent health and covers the following themes: 

  • safety and violence 
  • mental health 
  • education, employment and training 
  • long term conditions 
  • physical activity, food and healthy weight

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If you have questions about the annual public health report, email publichealth@camden.gov.uk

In response to the findings of the annual public health report, which highlights the importance of quality training and employment for short and long term health for adolescents, we have funded a communications and events training programme for young people aged 16 to 21 in Camden. The young people in this programme created a graphic novel ‘Step into Our Shoes’ to illustrate the findings and themes of the annual public health report.