Reading activities

Every day, a librarian recommends a great children's book on the National Shelf Service:

The Literacy Trust has fun things to make and do, printable activities, stories and poems to
listen and watch, reading and literacy Apps and useful websites.  From ages 0 to 12: 

With The Book Trust you can find free online stories and videos, play games, do book quizzes, play games and learn to draw some of your favourite characters:

With the British Library you can explore centuries of stories, poems and illustrations:

With Scholastic Kids Book Club, you can find lots of activity sheets, quizzes, colouring sheets, games and puzzles:

For free e-books from Camden Libraries, go to our Digital Libraries page.

Silly Squad activities - Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Check back here for new activities every week!

Silly Squad laugh-o-meter cartoon  Summer Saturdays with the Maths Mates

Who knew that maths can be fun? Maths On Toast have been running activities in Camden Libraries for years. If you're missing them - or you don't know them - they are posting a new weekly activity here each week. Join the Maths Mates every Saturday from 18 July.

Silly Squad Mo The Platypus cartoon   Wednesday is Wicked Stories with John Kirk

John Kirk is a supreme storyteller. We've got a series of specially-recorded videos coming to this page soon - in the meantime you can check out some of his popular stories above.  Watch this space!

Silly Squad Three Welsh Ducks cartoon  Friday is Get Silly with Cat & Hutch

Cat & Hutch are two brilliant performers who are just naturally silly. Follow the link to watch a weekly display of fun and very odd costumes. And, as a bonus, they are reading their way through "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" - real nonsense - in weekly parts.


Comming soon


Lockdown Rapunzel

Anansi the Spider

The Enormous Turnip

The Gingerbread man


Have fun! Keep reading!

All illustrations © Laura Ellen Anderson

Children's writers online

Puffin Books have lots of videos of writers reading their children’s books, plus videos about how to draw: 

Oliver Jeffers reads his books on video:

David Walliams reads an audio story every day:

You can catch up on all of them here:  Elevenses catch-up

Jacqueline Wilson’s website has videos of her talking about her books, with quizzes and other activities:

Axel Scheffler and Nosy Crow have created a free e-book for primary school age children, free for anyone to read on screen or print out, about the coronavirus   The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds:

Maths, science and astronomy activities

Maths activities

Maths on Toast has lots of fun, creative games and activities involving maths. Make a tangram out of a piece of toast, learn about fractions and ratios using multi-coloured sweets and lots more:

Science and astronomy activities

The Science Museum has lots of fun science activities:

NASA has lots of materials and activities to learn about astronomy, space and science:


Theatre and Shakespeare activities

The Little Angel Theatre has a daily video story:

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has fun videos and activities to start learning about Shakespeare:

Hopster TV for Children

Hopstor Logo and Fluffy charachter

Hopster TV for Children

Hopster is an award-winning children’s TV and learning app.  As well as children’s favorite TV shows the app contains educational games, stories and music.  Hopster is designed for children aged 2-6 and is totally free of advertising. 

Just email and we will send you a unique code and information on how to download Hopster to your mobile device.   

You and your children will then be able to enjoy hundreds of children’s shows, games and books free for 12 months.

Hopster Access Tips

  • You do need to download the app
  • Once the account is created, you can log in on any mobile device in your household with the app installed
  • Each device will remember your log-in
  • For TV viewing, you can log into UK platforms that Hopster has a partnership with.
  • You can smart-share your mobile device to the main TV for viewing on a larger screen.

Tablet with Hopster icons on the screen

Inside Hopster there is a world of fun & learning waiting to be discovered, built just for children. You can find out more at