By law, polling stations must be accessible and disabled voters must be able to access support when voting.

At all Polling Stations in Camden, we will provide:

  • chairs, if you are unable to stand for long periods
  • magnifiers, to increase the size of the text on documents and ballot papers
  • a Tactile Voting Device, to support if you are blind or partially sighted 
  • wheelchair-level polling booths
  • staff badges to identify who can assist
  • pencil grips, if you need support holding a pencil

Voter ID

We have information about types of voter ID that will be accepted at polling stations

If you need support, or need help applying for a Voter Authority Certificate, you can:

Resources in accessible formats

Information about voter ID is available in accessible formats.

Visit the Electoral Commission's website to download:

Visit the Electoral Commission's YouTube Channel to watch:

You can find more accessible voter ID resources on the Electoral Commission website