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Parking bay suspensions

What is a parking bay suspension?

A parking bay suspension is used when works need to be carried out or when the bay is needed for access. Normal parking controls are suspended. Parking bays cannot be suspended to gain preferential parking or other non-essential reasons.

While a parking suspension can be in place at any time, in most cases a suspension will normally operate between the core hours of 8.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday. A single bay or an area of parking bays may be suspended. Yellow lines cannot be suspended, but there is a parking permission scheme for yellow line parking.

A suspended bay is indicated by bright yellow notices placed on relevant sign posts. We now have 'return to service' stickers which may be used where works have finished early for normal parking controls to apply before the yellow notice sign is removed.

Minimum application period

We aim to provide as much warning as possible to residents and other road users for forthcoming suspensions. To this end, we recommend that applications are made 17 days in advance.

An additional short notice fee may be applied to late applications and we cannot guarantee that late requests will be processed. Where possible we will assist, but will not take liability for parking spaces being occupied in the case of late applications.

Domestic removals. Arranging a suspension well in advance will mean it is more likely nearby spaces will be available. However, please note that there is an exemption allowing vehicles to stop when continuously engaged in a property move and a suspension might not be required.

We also provide a parking permission scheme which may meet parking needs, rather than applying at short notice for a suspension.

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