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Parking bay suspensions

What is a parking bay suspension?

A parking bay suspension is used when works need to be carried out on a parking bay, or when the bay is needed for access.

Parking bays cannot be suspended to gain preferential parking or other non-essential reasons.

A suspension to a parking bay prohibits the use of the bay by anyone other than the following:

  • person who requested the suspension
  • those with permission from the person who requested the suspension 
  • organisation that has made the application for the suspension

In most cases a suspended bay is enforced from 8.30am - 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

A single bay or an area of parking bays may be suspended. Yellow lines can not be suspended.

A suspended bay is indicated by bright yellow notices placed on relevant sign posts.

Where possible an advance warning will also be displayed before the suspension takes place.

Parking suspensions are changing

We are trialling 'return to service' stickers with our tree department.

The stickers will be used to indicate to motorists that the bay has reverted to it's normal use before the suspensions signs are taken down.

Find out more by downloading a leaflet.

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