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High Speed 2

HS2 is a proposed high-speed rail line from London to Birmingham. Camden Council remains strongly opposed to HS2 in its current form and we are doing all we can to ensure that the concerns of our local communities are heard at the highest level. Find out how HS2 will affect Camden and what we’re doing in response:

Read the minutes from the Euston Station Working Group

The Euston Station Working Group brings together elected representatives of all the party groups on the council, as well as the Deputy Mayor of London, Sir Eddie Lister and representatives of the local residential and business communities.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 22 April.

You can read the minutes from previous meetings below:

Monday 24 March - minutes
Tuesday 4 March - minutes and a summary of key points

The Working Group’s purpose over the next few months is to:

• Consider the best design options for Euston Station (should HS2 go ahead)
• Further work on alternative options
• Identify gaps in knowledge regarding alternative station design options
• Establish what options are likely to get the best outcomes
• Inform petitioning strategies for the Council and community

Understand the Petitioning Process

If you will be directly affected by HS2’s plans you can petition Parliament so your voice can be heard directly by MPs. Petitioning is a formal legal process set down by Parliament, but we will try to help you understand the requirements.

The Leader of the House of Commons, Andrew Lansley, has announced that the date for the second reading of the Hybrid Bill has been set for Monday 28 April. The timeframes for submitting petitions to Parliament are:

• 29 April to 16 May for businesses and the council (excluding parish councils)
• 29 April to 23 May for residents.

You can now view a number of materials that might help you with the petitioning process:

You can also find more information at Parliament’s website:

Camden's response to HS2 report and DfT statement

Plans for HS1-HS2 link to be removed, Euston station plans to be reviewed

The report by Sir David Higgins and response by Secretary of State for Transport, Rt.Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, signals a review of the Government's plans for Euston station and the removal of plans for the HS1-HS2 link.

Responding to the report by Sir David Higgins and response by Mr.McLoughlin, the Leader of Camden Council, Councillor Sarah Hayward said:

“The report represents something of a pyrrhic victory for Camden with still no mention by Sir David or the Minister on the unfair and substandard mitigation and compensation for Camden and our residents.

"There's no doubt that our campaigning, with our communities, has led to the recognition that HS2 will devastate Camden. We welcome the recognition that Government plans for both the Euston station and the Link were deeply flawed.

"While I am pleased to see that the Link will be removed from the Bill before Parliament as soon as possible, one has to question why it has taken over 4 years for this folly to be recognised by Government.

“I urge people who care about Camden not to treat this report as a victory, but simply as a staging post. We must continue to fight this scheme and for better outcomes for Camden if Government insists on pressing ahead following the developments today.”

Camden submission to Environmental Audit Committee

The Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons is undertaking an inquiry on environmental protection outlined in HS2 Phase One plans.

Camden strongly objects to the HS2 scheme as it is currently proposed. Our concerns were stressed in our responses to HS2 consultations and backed by the study of HS2 costs to Camden (PDF 1.31MB).

However, should it proceed, we must seek to ensure the environmental impacts of the scheme are properly assessed.

HS2 Ltd outlined their understanding of the impacts of the scheme and proposed mitigations in HS2 Phase One Environmental Statement (ES) published in November 2013.

In our response to the ES we showed that the document was deficient, as it does not adequately reflect nor address the environmental impacts of the scheme. All responses to ES are now being summarised by an independent assessor whose report will be made available to MPs in advance of the Second Reading of the Hybrid Bill in Parliament later this spring.

While Parliament proceeds with the Hybrid Bill procedure, we have used the opportunity to highlight our concerns in front of the Environmental Audit Committee. In our submission, we urge the members of the committee to recommend that further proper and in-depth analysis of the impacts of the scheme should be undertaken by HS2 Limited in order to address the issues raised by the Council.

You can read our submission on Parliament’s website.

Read our response to the Environmental Statement  

We have now submitted our response to HS2’s Environmental Statement, which is available to view.

For an overview of the issues we raised, please view our easy read summary (Word 41.9KB).

Thank you to all Camden residents who responded to the consultation. 

Consultation on new sites for HS2 replacement housing

We have launched a consultation on the suitability of additional development sites in the Regent’s Park area, which could be used to re-provide homes to residents directly affected by HS2.

Please take part in the consultation and give us your views. The consultation closes on Thursday 27 March 2014.

The impact on Camden

The recommended route for HS2 would run from Euston station. The borough will suffer a decade of blight, noise and disruption if HS2 goes ahead.

Construction work on the line would mean that:

  • 226 Camden homes are to be demolished - more than double the 107 homes set to be lost along the rest of the line
  • 250 Camden homes are at risk of re-housing
  • at least 20 business premises, in Drummond Street for example, will be destroyed
  • a variety of listed buildings and open spaces – including approximately 80% of St James’ Gardens - will be lost
  • the Maria Fidelis School will be significantly impacted because of its location.

Find out more on HS2's immediate cost to the people, communities and businesses in the Impact survey of High Speed 2 costs to Camden report (PDF 1.31MB) 

Camden's community conversation

The community conversation meetings held in Kilburn, Euston and Camden Town in December 2013 allowed us to capture residents’ concerns about how HS2 will affect their lives and their area.

We have used these comments to inform our response to the consultation on HS2 Ltd’s Environmental Statement – the document which describes the impact of the proposed rail line on Camden.

View the minutes from each of these meetings:

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