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Schools admissions

Secondary school admissions

Whether it's a place at a top university, an excellent apprenticeship or landing a great job, the excellent teaching and supportive environment at Camden's secondary schools aims to help every student reach their potential.

The Council co-ordinates the transfer from primary to secondary school for admissions to all Camden state secondary schools.

Information about Camden secondary schools is available in our annual guide, available via the link above. You can apply online from September 2015 until 31 October 2015.  All of our schools organise open days and evenings during September and October and we recommend you attend those before applying:

Primary school admissions

We also co-ordinate admission for reception places at Camden primary schools, and provide advice on transfers, vacancies and appeals.

Camden has some of the very best primary schools in the country. The deadline for applying for September 2015 reception places is 15 January 2015.

Nursery admissions

Nursery admissions are dealt with by primary schools, children centres and other nursery providers in Camden and parents should apply to these directly.

Camden Council consultation on admissions to primary and secondary schools in September 2016

Camden is required to consult each year on a scheme to co-ordinate school admissions and proposed admission arrangements for community schools.

Included in the consultation document below is the following change you should particularly note - Kingsgate Primary School is due to expand from two forms of entry to four, with the school being divided into an infant and a junior site.

We want your views on the following options, relating to the distance criteria for entry to Kingsgate Primary School:
1. To retain the measuring point from applicants' homes to the current primary school site in Kingsgate Road (which is due to become the expanded school's junior site).
2. To move the measuring point to the new infant site in Liddell Road.
3. Any other options that local people would like to propose.

Please respond by 6 March 2015 - see how to respond below.

Also included in the document below are the proposed arrangements for the following voluntary aided schools in Camden who have submitted them to the Council to circulate:  St Aloysius Catholic Juniors, St Paul’s CofE Primary, Maria Fidelis Catholic School, Camden School for Girls and the UCL Academy.

In addition, the sixth form arrangements for LaSwap Sixth Form Consortium and Haverstock School have also been included.
If you have any comments on any issues in the document, please complete the consultation response sheet at the end or email by 6 March 2015. Any comments relating to voluntary aided schools should be addressed directly to the individual governing body no later than 6 March 2015.

School admission arrangements in Camden 2015-16

The document below details the arrangements that will be used for community schools in Camden to decide who will be offered a school place in the 2015-16 academic year.

This follows an eight-week consultation. Any objections to these admission arrangements can be lodged with the Office of the Schools Adjudicator up to 30 June 2014

For admissions arrangements and supplementary forms of voluntary aided schools, free schools and the UCL Academy please contact the schools directly or visit their websites:

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