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Cycle training in Camden

We offer cycle training to encourage safe cycling . Cycling is a clean, quick and easy way to travel, as well as an excellent way to keep fit.

We provide free cycle training for both adults and children.

Training options

cycle training

Complete beginners' course

Find us on FacebookWe run regular weekend courses for adults, who are complete beginners, and for those who can ride but would like to improve their control skills.

Details of these courses are on our facebook page

We also run these courses for children aged 6+ during the school holidays.

Advanced skills cycling

Individual lessons for regular urban cyclists who want to make their journeys safer and more enjoyable. Experience riding on multi-lane roads to negotiating London's busy junction systems. Our sessions are tailor-made for you.

Children, families and groups

We teach children from the age of 10 upwards to ride their bikes in fun, safe lessons.

We also cater for children with learning and physical disabilities. Get in touch to discuss this.

We can teach families to ride together. For any group there is a best formation. We can show you how to ride protectively with your children and how to encourage them to use their bikes more.


Here is what some recent participants have said about these sessions:

"I found out that Camden Council give free bicycling lessons! These were really helpful and took me from the point where I couldn't even stay upright on a bike to actually feeling confident on the road.  The instructors emphasised the importance of safety on the bike and were very supportive. I'm really grateful to Camden Council for the lessons which made all the difference to me and I would encourage anyone else, even if they have never cycled before, to take up the lessons and give it a go."

"Training did increase confidence in heavy traffic"

"It was a great experience that changed my perspective - teaching me that as a cyclist I do belong on the road & I need to be confident about being there."

"The training made a huge difference to my cycling confidence.  I am now happy to safely cycle almost everywhere."

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