Housing allocation scheme 2016

The new housing allocation scheme started in January 2016 with a new housing register. We asked everyone who applied before 10 August 2015 to update their application before January 2016. This is so we can advise them if they will qualify under the new scheme.

In January 2016 we wrote to everyone to let them know whether they qualify to stay on the housing register. Those who qualified were advised what their new points award is and how many bedrooms they can bid for.

The main housing allocation scheme policy changes are summarised below:

Camden connection

You will need to show that you have lived in Camden for five out of the last seven years to stay on or join the housing register. We will ask you for proof of your current and previous addresses when you make your application.

Minimum level of housing need

If you are eligible for 30 points or less, you will not be able to join or stay on the housing register. This is based on your assessed housing need. You can reapply if your circumstances change.

How points are awarded

Points for all qualifying applicants will change. Waiting time and long-term residence points will be recalculated. There will also be changes in the points awarded for other circumstances. This will mean that if you qualify your total points could go up or down.

Bedroom assessment

We are making changes to how we calculate how many bedrooms qualifying households need . This will also affect how we measure overcrowding. All children under 5 will be counted. People of the same sex will be expected to share a bedroom regardless of their age.

Please also see our list of frequently asked questions for more information about the changes

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