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The rent service monitors over 22,000 tenant rent accounts. The work of rent service officers includes commissioning advice and support for vulnerable residents and taking action to recover rent arrears by formal agreement or through legal action.  

Rent service officers each have responsibility for a ‘patch’ of accounts which are grouped, as far as is practicable, via the various wards of the borough. Customer service officers within Contact Camden handle the more straightforward rent and arrears-related enquiries, especially those received by phone and email.

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Other teams involved in rent-setting and collection

Central rents

Annual rent-setting, the administration of direct debits and bank standing orders, general income issues; temporary accommodation charges and the various technicalities of rent accounting. 

Rents and Charges Team:

This team deals with opening and closing accounts, statement queries, account adjustments and refunds, contents insurance for tenants.

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Former tenants accounts team

The primary function of the team is to administer closing account balances when tenancies end, either by cheque refunds or by tracing debtors and negotiating repayments.

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Court team

This team is responsible for initiating possession claims in court for rent arrears, tenancy succession disputes, tenancy fraud, anti-social behaviour and other tenancy breaches.  Court officers also give telephone advice to tenants facing legal action and attend court in rent arrears cases.

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