Impact of HS2

Overview of HS2 impact

Construction of the HS2 scheme in Camden is set to last 17 years. 

Expected impacts on Camden include: 

  • Homes: 220 homes will be demolished (including 136 council homes), meaning up to 1,000 people could lose their homes. 
  • Noise: 1,300 homes will be affected by noise that requires mitigating measures. Measures are already in place to consider up to another 750 homes. 
  • Traffic: 1.2 million tonnes of demolition, construction and waste material will need to be removed from the Euston station site and its approach during redevelopment. The net effect is up to 800 daily two-way lorry movements in the Euston area during busiest periods, and 90% of those lorries will be heavy goods vehicles.
  • Air pollution: An adverse impact on air pollution levels at 78% of 198 of locations modelled by HS2 in the Euston area as a result of the scheme.
  • Open space, trees and facilities: St James’s Gardens next to Euston station will be lost forever. 504 trees are expected to be removed. Community facilities will also be lost. 
  • Schools: Seven schools and one children’s centre are in the Euston impact area. 
  • Businesses: 73 businesses will be directly impacted by demolition. 145 businesses are located within the safeguarding area (including those to be demolished). Over 300 further businesses are located in close proximity to major construction works. 2,915 jobs are at risk of loss or displacement. 
  • Cost: In 2013 the immediate ‘bricks and mortar’ cost to Camden should the scheme proceed was estimated to be just over £1 billion, to compensate costs such as housing, displacement of businesses, education and transport. 

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