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In December 2010 we launched our 15 year Community Investment Programme (CIP)  During these challenging financial times, this programme of work will help to ensure that we make the best use of our assets and continue investing in Camden’s future.

As part of this work we reviewed a number of small sites we own around the borough. We want to find ways to provide new homes and generate investment to improve existing council homes, schools and community facilities.

Most recent consultations

Studholme Court, Finchley Road, NW3

In summer 2013 we consulted residents about the proposed sale of an area of land at Studholme Court on Finchley Road. This site is the grassed area by the entrance to Studholme Court, next to number 53, as shown in red on the map on the download:

Sale of this site could contribute towards the investment needed in existing council homes in the Frognal and Fitzjohns ward. The Council has yet to make a decision on whether to develop or dispose of this site. If the Council does decide to sell the site there will be further consultation about any proposed change of use, or new development on the site, when the planning application is made.

Willingham Close estate, NW5

Towards the end of 2013 we consulted residents about disposal and development of the garages site on the Willingham Close estate, including potential disposal to Pocket Living who develop low cost homes for sale. On 4 February 2014 the Cabinet Member for Housing decided to declare this site surplus and dispose of it to Pocket Living at full market value. On 27 February the Council's Development Control Committee approved Pocket Living's planning application for the site.

Previous consultations

Towards the end of 2012 we consulted local residents and businesses about proposals to sell small sites of land within the locations below to generate much needed investment:

Following the consultation consideration of the site on the Regent's Park estate was suspended pending the outcome of the Council's legal challenge to HS2, the planned Highspeed Rail line from London to Birmingham. New homes to replace some of the council homes that will be demolished by HS2 are being developed on this site.

All the remaining sites were approved for sale by the Council's Cabinet on 27 February 2013. However, since then the Council has decided not to progress the sale of the sites at Bridge House, on the Bridgeway Street estate, on the College Place estate, at Constable House, at Dennington House and in Dynham Road until there has been further consideration of other options for these sites. The sites at Flask Cottages, at Grangefield, on the Kilburn Vale estate, on the St Silas estate and at Wolsey Mews were sold at auctions in December 2014. 

For more information please contact the consultation and engagement team

Each site is described below, with a map and photos of the location available for download.

Bridge House, Adelaide Road, NW3

This site is the visitors' car parking area and drying area at Bridge House.
Download: Bridge House map and photo (PDF 269KB)

Bridgeway Street estate, NW1

This site comprises the 16 garages on the Bridgeway Street estate that front onto Cranleigh Street, and the adjoining sheds (numbers 1-36).
Download: Bridgeway Street map and photo (PDF 431KB)

College Place estate, NW1

This site is the garages near Branscombe and Landrake on the College Place estate.
Download: College Place Estate map and photo (PDF 303KB)

Constable House, Adelaide Road, NW3

This site is the fenced hard-standing area used as a play area and adjacent grassed area at Constable House, by the junction of Adelaide Road and Eton College Road.
Download: Constable House map and photo (PDF 193KB)

Dennington House, Dennington Park Road / Inglewood Road, NW6

This site is the garages and car parking spaces at Dennington House that are accessed from Inglewood Road.
Download: Dennington House map and photo (PDF 356KB)

Dynham Road, NW6

This site is the paved space between 27 and 33 Dynham Road.
Download: Dynham Road map and photo (PDF 365KB)

Flask Cottages, NW3

This site is the six garages (numbered 6-11) and forecourt at Flask Cottages.
Download: Flask Cottages (PDF 68KB)

Grangefield, Marquis Road, NW1

This site is the six garages, forecourt and access driveway at Grangefield, and also the three sheds numbered 10, 11 and 12.
Download: Grangefield map and photo (PDF 415KB)

Kilburn Vale estate, NW6

This site is the garages and forecourt in front of Sycamore Court on the Kilburn Vale estate.
Download: Kilburn Vale estate map and photo (PDF 243KB)

Regent's Park estate, NW1

This site is the landscaped area on the Regent's Park estate, at the corner of Stanhope Street and Varndell Street, next to 8 Varndell Street.
Download: Regent's Park map and photo (PDF 179KB)

St Silas estate, NW5

This site is the high-fenced, hard-standing area between Leysdown and Shipton House on the St Silas estate used as a kick-about / games area.
Download: St Silas estate map and photo (PDF 542KB)

Wolsey Mews and 3-7 Islip Street, NW5

This site comprises the three garages in Wolsey Mews, along with the adjacent drying area behind 3-7 Islip Street and a patch of the communal garden.
Download: Wolsey Mews small site location (PDF 481KB)

For each of the sites that is sold there will be further consultation about any proposed change of use, or new development on the site, when the planning application is made.

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