Report a problem with noise

Noise from a neighbour

People who make noise are often unaware of the effect that their noisy activities are having on their neighbours. If you are concerned about a noise often the best way to deal with the problem is to speak to the person responsible to make them aware that they are causing a noise problem.

Research has found that one in three people who take this informal route are able to resolve the problem (it also helps promote good neighbour relations).

1. Talk to your neighbour

Solving the problem informally

Before making a formal complaint or getting others involved, try to discuss the problem with your neighbour.

If you’re worried about approaching them, write a letter, explaining the problem clearly and sticking to the facts.

If the problem affects other neighbours, involve them as well. It can be easier to settle a dispute if the complaint comes from a number of people.

A tenants’ association might help if you’re a member of one.

2. Contact your neighbour's landlord

If your neighbour is a tenant, you can complain to their landlord. This could be a housing association, the tenancy service or a private landlord.

3. Call the police

You should call the police if your neighbour:

  • is violent, threatening or abusive
  • is harassing you sexually, or because of your sexuality, religion or ethnic background
  • is breaching the peace (being disorderly in the street or making a lot of noise)
  • is breaking the law in any other way - or if you suspect this

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