Council tax discounts and exemptions for students

Applying for your student council tax exemption or discount

You are considered to be a full time student if:

  • you are studying at a school, college or university that is situated in the EU and is established solely or mainly for the purpose of providing further or higher education
  • your course lasts for at least one academic year or, in the case of an educational establishment which does not have academic years, for a least one calendar year
  • your course requires attendance for at least 24 weeks in each year
  • you are required to study, receive tuition or undertake work experience for at least 21 hours per week on average

If your home is occupied by any combination of full time students you can apply for an exemption.

If there is only one non-student living in a household where all the remaining occupiers are students, you may apply for a student disregard discount.

How do I apply?

To apply for a student council tax exemption or discount, you need to complete one of the forms below depending on which university or college you attend:

University of the Arts London, City University London, LSE, SOAS or UCL students can apply online for their discount

Note: Please wait at least one week after registering with your university before using this form:

Students which attend other universities

To complete the application you must print off a copy of the completed form and return to us with your student certificate at the address on the form.

Students applying through the Camden account

Other students who may apply for an exemption or discount

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