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Voluntary and community sector (VCS) investment and support programme 2012 to 16

Innovation and Development Fund

The Innovation and Development Fund was developed to unlock the creativity, energy and resources that we know exist in the borough:

The fund aims to:

  • find and invest in innovative ideas that tackle ingrained social problems in Camden
  • support and nurture innovative ideas until they are up and running
  • develop relationships with "innovators" throughout the life of the fund
  • better understand how to support and evaluate innovative approaches

Case study: Tender Arts and Education have delivered a pioneering programme of peer led education in schools focusing on ‘healthy relationships’. Young people between the ages of 16 and 25 from a wide variety of backgrounds (including former young offenders and gang members) receive intensive and high quality training to become sexual and domestic violence prevention leaders and deliver training to raise awareness of the issues to children and young people in schools. They project has been very well received, and the young people involved in the project are contributing to the organisation in other ways (for example making a film).

There have been 3 rounds of the Innovation and Development Fund.

Details of the projects funded: 

For information on other sources of funding : Funding Opportunities for Organisations