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Voluntary and community sector (VCS) investment and support programme 2012-2016

VCS Investment and Support Programme 2012-2016  /  Equalities and Cohesion Fund  /  Community Centres Fund  /  Volunteering, Giving and Exchange Fund  /  Innovation and Development Fund  /  Open Spaces and Young People Fund

Open Spaces and Young People Fund 

The aim of this fund is to ensure the financial resilience and future sustainability of ‘landmark’ open spaces for young people in Camden. These sites are “landmark” due to the unique facilities they offer within an urban environment and/or their long history and connection to the Camden community. This is a one-off fund for two years.

Landmark sites invited to participate in this programme:

• Camley Street Nature Reserve (London Wildlife Trust)
• Coram’s Fields
• Kentish Town City Farm
• Kilburn Grange Adventure Playground (Kingsgate Community Centre)
• The Calthorpe Project

Details of these organisations and the funds awarded:

Open Spaces and Young People Fund

For information on other sources of  funding : Funding Opportunities for Organisations.

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