Register a birth

Birth re-registrations

Adding the natural father's details – GRO 185 re-registrations

If the parents are unmarried and would like the natural father's details added to the birth record, they need to re-register the birth so that a new birth record can be created to replace the original one.

Please note that recording the father's details on a birth certificate gives him equal parental rights and responsibilities with the mother. For more information please refer to the gov website.

The natural parents have married each other since the birth – LA1 re-registrations

If the natural parents have married each other since the birth, they need to re-register the birth so that a new birth record can be created showing the child as a child of the parents' marriage.

Apply for re-registration

To apply for re-registration, please see  the website and download the appropriate form.

You should then complete the form and send it in to us (rather than the General Register Office as is stated on some of the advice)  together with any original documents required such as child’s existing birth certificate and (where applicable) marriage certificate (and, if in a foreign language, also a translation). If you prefer not to send original documents in the post, you can submit your application at our reception where we can take certified copies and return your originals to you straight-away. Once we receive your application we contact you normally within 7 days to schedule an appointment to complete the process. This will take longer, however, in cases involving statutory declarations, foreign marriages or court orders when we must refer to the General Register Office beforehand. 

Following a court issued 'Declaration of Parentage'

When a court in England or Wales issues a Declaration of Parentage, a birth can be re-registered to show the findings of the court. A copy of the declaration is sent directly to the General Register Office for the birth to be re-registered.

You do not need to do anything. To find out how to apply for a Declaration of Parentage, contact a solicitor or the Chief Clerk at your local Magistrates or County Court.

If you would like further advice, please contact a registrar.


There is no charge for re-registrations, but if you would like a new birth certificate displaying the changes, you need to purchase one. See our fees page for current prices.

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