Register a birth

What should I bring?

Please bring to the appointment:

  • the birth discharge paper from the hospital or your baby's red book AND
  • photographic identification (such as passport or driving licence) for each parent of the child that will be recorded on the birth certificate.

The registrar will ask you questions in private and record the details into a computer database. You will be asked to confirm the following details of:

The baby

  • the date and place of your baby’s birth (if you have twins, triplets etc. then the time of birth for each will also be required)
  • whether your baby is a boy or girl
  • the forenames and surname that you want to bring your baby up with

The baby's mother

  • forenames and surname(s) (including any maiden surnames)
  • date and place of birth
  • usual address at the date of baby’s birth
  • occupation or previous occupation if not currently working

The baby's father/parent

These details can be left out, if not in a legal marriage or civil partnership with the baby's mother

  • forenames and surname(s)
  • date and place of birth
  • occupation or previous occupation if not currently working

Please note: You can choose any surname for your baby whether or not you are married. Most parents choose to give their child the same surname as either the father or mother (or any combination of the two). However, you can follow any other naming tradition you wish.

Once the surname has been given at the time of registration, it can only be changed through the process of re-registration.

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